Employment Solutions for the Construction Industry


Designed to be easy to use, the Work4me app removes any unnecessary hassles like writing cover letters or uploading complicated job descriptions. It is fast, simple and effective.

Profile Creation

Create a profile quickly and easily; list your experience and qualifications with the option of uploading additional documents such as tickets, licenses or qualifications.

Instant Connection

Get matched with suitable positions based on your qualifications instantly. Quickly swipe to let the employer know you’re interested in working for them.


Create a shortlist of all the current jobs or candidates that you are interested in. Return to the shortlist section at any time to review and then swipe to apply.


You’ll be instantly notified when an employer swipes left or right on your profile, so you will know immediately whether they are interested in you for the position.

No More Word of Mouth

The Australian construction industry currently relies heavily on word-of-mouth to source and recruit skilled workers. The W4M app offers a more effective way to communicate job vacancies.

100% Free

Job Seekers will never be charged to use the W4M platform. With full access and unlimited job applications available.

Fast Employment

We’ve removed all the back-and-forward emails and paperwork that traditional online employment solutions use, enabling fast and simple recruitment of new employees.

Current Vacancies, All in One Place

A single feed of all current job vacancies in construction, factories, transport and trades throughout Australia, filtered to match your qualifications and experience.

Find Qualified Workers

Find qualified and experienced workers and tradesmen without having to ‘put the word out’ that you’re looking.

Customer Support

We are an Aussie business supporting other Aussie businesses. If you have any questions or need assistance with the app, let us know and we’ll get it sorted.

How It Works


Save Time & Hire Right

Work4me aims to help resolve the hiring volatility problem currently being experienced in the construction, trade, transport and factory/manufacturing industries by helping you find skilled and experienced workers. Our app is designed to assist employers in hiring fast and hiring right.
Fast Yet Simple

Post your job and have a shortlist of applicants whose experience and qualifications match your requirements, within hours. No approval process, no paper work and no back-and-forth emails. You can also edit, update or change details on any live job.

Skilled Workers at Your Finger Tips

We connect you to a database of skilled workers and qualified tradesmen that you may not have access to through your usual networks. You can view their profiles including work history and qualifications to make sure they will be the right fit for your job.